Saturday, April 25, 2009

Boy O Boy

Yes, it is another boy! So, sometime in the middle of August I will become the Mom of 2 boys!

I am really excited about this and Hunter is actually getting excited about it as well. He knows the babies name and even talks to him sometimes! I can't wait to see what my new little guy looks like!

Will you bring me flowers?

So far I have been a mother for a little over two years. I love it! As most of you know I will become a Mom to another little one in August. I assume that it is natural for us Moms to wonder what our little ones will be like as they get older. Will my boys bring their Mommy Mother's day flowers when they get older?

Honestly, as long as my boys love and respect me I will try not to care whether or not they send me flowers or buy me gifts. However, all you men out there, you need to do something nice for your Moms! Even if it is just remember to pick up the phone and call her.

If you want to send her a little something special check out 1-800-flowers. You don't just have to choose Mother's day flowers, you can choose from a great selections of gifts as well. This is a great source for those of you who are unable to be with their Mom on that special day. Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

What did I eat that day?

I did make it through my first trimester with out wearing maternity clothes.

A week ago Tuesday, I had my clothes (non maternity) took Hunter to his Mother's Day Out and went to Sam's. I kid you not that while I was walking around Sam's I had to loosen my belt!!!

From that day on I had to do the maternity pants. However, because I don't really have a well shaped belly My maternity pants will not stay up themselves so I am using a belly band. It it working out okay.

Now, the down side is that even though I can still wear my non maternity tops, most of them do not cover the bands on the pants... Now, I know this is all trivial but the end result is that I actually just look heavier than I am and not really pregnant. I know I know - quite your bitching!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Ultrasound

Well this is my first Wordless Wednesday here...

This was the ultrasound I had taken a little over 2 weeks ago.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

2nd Trimester

Well today I am officially in my 2nd Trimester!

Yea!!! This is of course a relief. I am also hoping that my attitude and emotional state will improve.

For the most part I am feeling pretty good. I am still have a few mouth issues as well as a little acne that I am not really accustomed to.

I had my 12 week check-up last week and the baby's heartrate was 160. I also had an ultrascan which was an ultrasound accompanied by some blood work to check for Down Syndrome. Those came back normal. If they had of come back positive for Down Syndrome I would have still had and loved my baby but I would have had a little time to prepare for it.

At the ultrascan I changed my mind on the sex of the baby. I initially thought that it was a girl but while watching my little rugrat during that ultrasound I decided that it was boy. We will find out the first of April - so you will find out as well!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Still a little catch up...

I really hope that at some point I will catch up enough so that these post coincide with what is going on in my pregnancy now but until then, I will just keep on posting how things progressed...

After the third and final blood was taken and my numbers were doing what they should be doing, they scheduled an appointment for an ultrasound. 

When I was first pregnant with Hunter at this point, our first ultrasound showed a slightly weak hearbeat.  There was a good chance that the pregnancy was not going to last.  However, at the follow-up ultrasounds the heartrate had increased and obviously everything was fine, seeing as I have a wild 2 year old running around.

So, with that history, I must say that I was a little nervous about this first ultrasound.  We could see the embryo (I will scan the pics and post them - I promise) and see the heartbeating STRONG. 

So, we met with the fertility doctor, she said things looked great and released me to my regular OB!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feeling better

Well I am in my 13th week and feeling better.  I think it might also have to do with the fact that the sun has been shining some. 

I am glad that in a week I will be entering my 2nd trimester.  I am also at a point where the clothes that I can wear that are not maternity are few and far between.  I was really hoping to make it another week without wearing maternity but not sure that will happen.

I still have several post I would like to do on going from the fertility clinic to my regualar OB.  I do appear to be getting out of my blogging slump so hopefully I will get to this soon!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The initial are you really pregnant blood test

So back to catching up on after I took a positive test...

I called the fertility clinic on Monday and told them that I took a positive test.  I knew from prior experience that although they will congratulate you they don't get your hopes up until after 2 blood test.  This is to ensure that your hcg levels are doubling every 2 days. 

So on the Monday that I called they had me come on in for my first test.  Of course I had to take Hunter with me and for the most part he was pretty good and the entire staff was great with him!

So the tech ask me if I wanted the blood work sent of and find out the results tomorrow or have it done in house and find out that day.  Of course I chose same day.  But didn't know it was gonna cost me about $200.  Oh my.  Thought Brad was gonna die!!!

Anyway, the Monday levels were good so I went back Wednesday.  When the nurse called on Wednesday the levels had doubled as needed.  But because of my high risk of having an ectopic pregnancy they wanted to do one more blood test on Friday.

Well Friday's call was good as well and an appt. was set for an ultrasound...

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As I have thought about this post this morning, I am somewhat reluctant to write it.  I do not want to seem ungrateful about this wonderful blessing that I have been given.  As someone who struggled somewhat to become pregnant (both times) I know how blessed I am and I know there are others that are trying to acheive this and can't or are having a hard time.

But I feel like crap!!!!  Not the normal naseous pregnant crap.  I have some sinus issues going on and well the only thing that help me in this area is ibuprofen, which for the health of my unborn baby I can not take.  I also have an on going issue with canker sores.  They are genetic and normally come around every so often along with menstral cycle.  When I was pregnant with Hunter I did not have one.  Since I have been pregnant this time I have not been with out one!  One of the reasons I feel this is a girl.

I have a couple of other issues but because I don't want to scare you off I will keep them to myself.  I know this is coming across as whiny and I apologize.  It is just that it is wearing me out and making kind of hateful and mean.  I feel like my temper is short and well I am just not getting things done like I should.

Okay that was my vent.  Thanks for letting me do it and I feel better and now we will move on.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A little background

Okay, so I took a test the day before I was supposed to start my period. Okay actually I took several the days before my period. When I got pregnant with Hunter, the test showed positive in 4 days before my period was suppose to come and I took the test in the middle of the day.

So, when the test I took this time showed negative I assumed I was not pregnant. So, I was supposed to start my period on Friday but didn't. I have to say I was a little peeved about this. I am rarely rarely rarely late! So, I found it cruel that when I am trying to get pregnant I would be late when obviously I wasn't pregnant because the test said so.

So Saturday I did not start my period. I had a few beers on Saturday and that night got sick. That was a little odd. So Sunday night on our way home from a church function, I had Brad stop at Walgreen's to get a pregnancy test. When we got home I waited until I finally had to go to the bathroom and then did the test!

Oh My Goodness! I was pregnant!!! Even though we were trying and I had taken fertility meds, I must say that I was shocked. I had already written this month off so it was such a nice surprise!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New blog home - new update

Okay, as I was moving my post over I read the last one - written Dec. 1, 2008. It talked about how I didn't get the ovulation shot because of the holidays and that I wasn't holding out much hope for a positive test. Well little did I know as I was typing that, I was pregnant. Now, I have a lot to catch up on. But right now I am 10 weeks pregnant, so still in the 1st trimester and still cautiously excited.

So bare with me and will try to catch you up on my moodiness and why I think this baby is a girl...

It Doesn't have to be flowers

Honestly, I have never been one to hold my husband to buying me Valentines flowers. However, I do like to receive some kind of valentine's gifts, even something little.

At 1-800-Flowers you can order a variety of valentines gifts to go along with your flowers or to stand alone. They have chocolates, chocolate and flower combos, cute stuffed animals, and several different gift towers with sweets. One of the neat things that I saw was a giant fortune cookie with a personalized "fortune". All of these options and more were listed for under $50!

So, whether it is flowers or just a special gift that you need to send don't forget to check out 1-800-flowers!

We we are

Originally posted on Dec. 1st, 2008

I am not sure what I have told in the last few updates but here goes. Because of the holiday season I was unable to schedule a time to go in and get the shot which forces ovulation. So, we basically just are on our own this month, and I am okay with that.

So in a few more days I will be able to take a pregnancy test. I don’t hold out much hope for this month. While trying not to give you to much information I will say that we were at my families over most of the weekend with Hunter sleeping in the room with us so needless to say the baby making was not happening. However, the month I got pregnant with Hunter I really thought we missed our window that month too. So, you just never know…

The days in between

Originally posted on Nov. 24th, 2008

Sometimes I think that what is harder than a negative pregnancy test or a period that comes are the days in between. How many times can I count the days in my cycle. I mean seriously I have been known to look at the calendar or count on my fingers several times in one - like it is going to change.

I get so anxious for the “testing time” to arrive. This month I don’t get the shot because the shot day falls on Thanksgiving. So hopefully I will ovulate all on my own. We actually got pregnant with Hunter on our own after my surgery so I know that I can do it. Maybe it will be this month, just have to WAIT and see…

It was harder than I thought

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. I was sad, busy and well just plain neglectful to this blog.

Originally published on Nov. 21st, 2008

As you recall I was supposed to take a pregnancy test on Monday, not one day before. I was sticking to it. Friday night and Saturday morning I kept feeling like my breast were a little tender. I remember this happening fast when I was pregnant with Hunter so I was, I must say, a little secretly hopeful. However, I have since concluded that my breast were tender because I kept feeling of them to see if they were tender. I mean seriously I was a walking soft core porn!!!

Alas on Saturday afternoon I started my period. I will admit that it hit me a lot harder than I had expected. I cried off an on through out the day. Got a little heavy in the wine at a friends “girls wine night” but I have recovered. I have a precious little boy, a wonderful, supportive husband and the best family and friends (real and bloggy) that a girl could ask for, thus I am very thankful!!!

So stay tuned we are trying again this month!

4 more sleeps

Originally published on Nov. 13, 2008

Oh my goodness the waiting. It is Thursday. So, essentially I have 4 more sleeps (4 times of going to bed and getting up) before I can take a pregnancy test. Well today I went ahead and bought a package of 3. I was already at Walgreen’s to buy a humidifier for Hunter’s room. He has a snotty nose and a little bit of a cough and since they scare you to death about medicine for little ones I decided to try this.

Anyhoo, now I have pregnancy tests burning a hole in my bathroom cabinet. Seriously, what was I thinking. I mean I have the will power of a 2 year old. But I know that if I take that test and it is positive and it turns out it is a false positive I will be sad. I am going to hold off, I know I can, I know I can!


Originally published on Nov. 11th, 2008

I can still remember taking pregnancy tests almost monthly for the 18 months before we found out that I would have to have a little surgery to conceive. In the beginning, I was still in mixed emotions, was I sad or relieved that the test was negative. I really wasn’t sure. We were newlyweds but not spring chickens so I was not sure how to feel.

Towards the end of those 18 months it was definitely sadness. There were months that I just knew I was pregnant. Of course, I would learn conceiving then was impossible but until I knew that the hope was there.

Then I hit a stretch where I stopped being able to visualize myself as a Mother. I could no longer see a growing family in my minds eye. That was scary. For as long as I can remember I had planned on some day being a Mom. Even after we found the problem and had hopefully fixed it, I still found myself burdoned with these huge doubts that pregnancy would happen. Of course it did and I now have a beautiful, happy, smart, wonderful, energetic toddler in my life.

I bring this up because now I am kind of there again. On Monday I am to take a pregnancy test. I do want to be pregnant, I want to give Hunter a sibling, I want my family to grow. I know that the sadness if it is negative will not be the same because I do have Hunter but I know that it will be there. However, this time around I not only have the wonderful Husband to help me, I have a wonderful son as well…


Originally published on Nov. 10th, 2008

Let’s hope that my neglect to my second blog is not an indication of how I will treat a second child should God choose to bless me with one!!!

As I stated in my previous post written in what now seem like 10 years ago, I took the Clomid like medicine for 5 days and then on the 13th day of my cycle I went to the ferticlity clinic.

There was a follicle on the left side, I must admit that I had hoped maybe there was more than one follicle - not necessarily for twins sake (although I would be pleased) but just so there was more than one chance. Anyhoo, I am happy there was one.

I then recieved a shot of HSG to force ovulation. Our instructions were to have relations for the next 3 nights. You know having to have sex on demand is not the romantic thing. On top of that the HSG shot made me crampy and I had a sinus infection. Oh well, you do what you must…

So, I leave you with a picture of my son, and ask for your prayers and good wishes that he gets a sibling. I take a pregnancy test 1 week from today…


Fertility pills and updates

Originally published on Oct. 21, 2008

So, I know I have been bad about updating this blog. I apologize to those thousands, I mean tens, okay the one that reads it.

All of my test came back normal. I think the last time that I posted, I was still waiting on one blood test to come back. Well, I got the call that it was okay and that the next step, if I started my period this time would be to take some fertility drugs.

So, I started my period, and tomorrow I started taking these meds. It is not clomid but something else. Then on day 13 I have an ultrasound to ensure that the follicles are there and then I get a shot to help the eggs drop or something. I think maybe my eggs are tires or something…

Glad that is over

Originally published on Oct. 4, 2008

Well the HSG went well. My Mom and I arrived at the office to have my blood drawn for the 2nd part of the baseline test. Dr. Whittworth did tell me the results from the first draw were good!

Mom and I then went downstairs to the outpatient surgery center and I signed in. A funny that happened, I was sitting there, filling out my paper work and the nurse came and called me. As we were walking back I told her I wanted to go ahead and take my valium and pain pill - since I was supposed to take it 45 min - 1 hour before the procedure. She looked at me really funny. She got me to my “cubicle” and I noticed all these people standing there. My first thought was I know it was not like this before. Then the nurse looked at my clipboard and started laughing, she had called “Grant” not “Brandt”. Mrs. Grant was there for knee replacement, everyone laughed. One of the nurses said, well I thought you were walking awfully well!!!

They did call me back a little later and I went in and got my “gown” on and some nice cozy socks. Then two very nice nurses came to roll be back to the OR. I told them about my misfortune last time so next thing I know she is hooking me up to monitors and putting oxygen in my nose - just for a precaution. I was fine with this.

The procedure itself was not that bad. It did take several tries and several different “tools” to get the dye to go through but the good news is that it did go through. So, “Ole Lefty” is still in good shape!!! I actually watched the dye go through on the screen!

Once she gets the results from the second blood test we will make a plan of action…

Big Test Tomorrow

Originally published on Oct. 2, 2008

Tomorrow I have my HSG (hysterosapingogram), see why I use the acronym. I am so not looking forward to it. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited in the fact that we are taking steps but this particular test make me jumpy.

When I had it done before I was pregnant with Hunter I passed out and almost kicked the doctor in the face. When I came to, there several more people in the room and I had an oxygen mask on. This time she prescribed me a valium and a pain pill to take before the procedure. Also, last time was the bad news that my tubes had some problems. Even if there is bad news this time, I already have Hunter so I just don’t think it will seem as bad.

I also get the second part of my Clomiphene Citrate Challenge Test blood work done. I will let you know as soon as I do…

Hmmm Free stuff already

Originally published on Sept 30, 2008

Most days Brad comes home for lunch. And if the mail lady has already delivered our mail he will bring it in. So today as I walked through the kitchen towards the stack of mail I noticed a package. Not a large package but a box of something none the less.

On my other blog It Is Nap Time, I do reviews and have received some samples from time to time and I also visit the free sample area of Wal-mart on-line from time to time so I was anxious to see what had arrived.

What I did not expect was a new mom package from Similac. Two different things of formula and a little pamphlet on how much baby should eat, pee, poop, etc. I am not sure why I received this but since the formula is good through 2011, hey no complaints here. Hunter only took formula for a few months but I can remember it seemed like I had to buy tons and it ain’t cheap!

So, maybe my mystery package of Similac is a good sign!

Baseline Bloodtest

Originally published on Sept 29, 2008

So, I went to the doctor’s office for my first of 2 blood tests. It wasn’t to bad, the tech did a great job. I am not great with needles and having my blood drawn. Since becoming a Mom and going through gestational diabetes (having to prick myself 4 times daily), I am better than I used to be but still have the tendency to be woozy.

So, anyway that took like 2.2 seconds and I was on the road. So now I am taking the clomid. I take those cycle days 5-9 and then on day 10 or 11 (it will be 11 for me) I go back to get my blood drawn again. As I stated in the previous post high FSH on these cycle days are associated with very low pregnancy rates. So here is hoping for some low levels!!!

Cycle Day 2

Originally published on Sept 24, 2008

To put it nicely, my “cycle” started yesterday. I took a pregnancy test Monday morning so the fact that my “cycle” appeared yesterday was not a big surprise. I was a little sad but since I know we are working on it with professionals I am okay.

I called the doctor’s office this morning and I am to go in tomorrow for my baseline blood test. After that I will take some Clomid and then go back for the additional blood test. These tests are to check my FSH levels, elevated levels are associated with very low preganancy rates.

This is a little scary and I will be anxious to find out the results. I will keep you posted!


Originally published on Sept 11, 2008

I feel like today’s consultation went really well. The doctor did a vaginal ultrasound on me to check things out and said that over all everything looked good. My ovaries had shrunk a little and she said that could be due to age - that is what I wanted to hear!

So, the next step is, once my cycle begins again, I will go in for a check of my egg development. I will get to take a couple of fertility pills for this so fingers crossed maybe we won’t get past next month!!!

I will also have to have a HSG performed to make sure that my left tube is still open enough to perform it’s task. This did not go well for last time. They have prescribed a couple of things to hopefully make it easier this time.

Tomorrow is the day

Originally published on Sept 9, 2008

We go tomorrow for our consultation with the fertility specialist. My big thing is wondering if the one tube I have left has been damaged by returning scar tissue. Scar tissue was the issue with me before. It damaged my right tube enough that it had to be removed.

I have tried to find out how quickly scar tissue returns once removed. I have not been overly successful in finding this out. I did find that scar tissue is a result of the body trying to heal itself. I know, Hunter probably could have told me that. I did find out that when Googling scar tissue you get as many results about the Red Hot Chili Peppers as you do medical. When my appendix ruptured as a child, I got a bad infection and we assume that is why there was so much scar tissue.

I am not sure what to expect tomorrow. But I am excited that we are taking a step forward. I will update you tomorrow!!

A few terms

Originally published on Sept.2 2008

Since my appointment is not for another week and a half, there is nothing going on in this journey, at least nothing you want to hear about. Did I just type that? I think I did.

So, I have decided to look up a few terms and give out some definitions… I will probably do more on another post.

The penetration of the egg by the sperm and the resulting fusion of genetic material that develops into an embryo.

Human chorionic gonadotropin. This is also the hormone pregnancy tests (blood and urine) detect.

IVF (in vitro fertilization) procedure that involves removing eggs from a woman’s ovaries and fertilizing them in the laboratory. The resulting embryos are then transferred into the woman’s uterus through the cervix.

LH Surge
The increase in luteinizing hormone in your urine. You are most likely to become pregnant if you have intercourse within 36 hours after you detect your LH surge.


Originally published on August 29th, 2008

First off let me say thank-you to people who are “dropping” by and to those who are commenting. Also, a big shout out to the EntreCard advertisers! I know it is because you like me and not because I am cheap! I am having a hard time getting the hang of things over here. I had someone say that commenting was not very user friendly and for that I apologize. Once I get it together, I will do what I can to fix that.

Double thanks to everyone who has wished me well on this adventure and please do share your stories! Thanks Tammy for sharing! Which gives me an idea - occasionaly, I just might have a guest poster to tell of their “getting preggers” story. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, let me know!

I made the call

Originally published on August 28th

So, I made the call to the fertility clinic and found out that we are considered new patients. So, I filled out all the new patient forms, on-line and sent them. Some of those questions are a little tough. I was not sure what tests I had had before but knew they had been administered it was at their clinic - so really they should know.

So, the nice lady from the clinic called to set up an appointment. We have our consultation on September 10th, my Mom’s birthday, surely that is good luck! I told her that I would need to check about a sitter for Hunter and she said to bring him. I replied thanks but you realize that he is a 21 month old BOY and he wild - she said bring him on. I must admit I am a little excited about that. The doctor we are consulting with is the reason I have Hunter so it will be nice for them to meet!


This was originally posted on August 27th 2008

Hello there. I have just started this blog and anxious to see where it takes me and if I will get any followers.

Let’s see I will start with a little about me. I am happily married to my wonderful husband Brad. We have 1 son, Hunter who is about to be 21 months old. We also have a 4 year old dog, Maddie who is treated as the first born - she doesn’t know she is a dog. I am blessed with the fact that I get to stay at home. I do have another blog It Is Nap Time that I maintain and do paid posts on. So, in a sense I guess I am a work at home mom.

For the last year Brad and I have been trying to get pregnant. We really want to give Hunter a sibling that is not of the 4-legged variety. Prior to getting pregnant with Hunter we sought help from a fertility specialist and I ended up having to have some surgery to remove a damaged tube and clean up a lot of scar tissue. Due to this and the fact that I am about to be 36 we have once again consulted the specialist.

I plan on creating a journal of this experience through this blog. I hope you will share your experiences along the way. Wish us luck!

Moving the blog

I am in the process of moving my Creating Life blog from to here. Please bear with me through the move! I have a little bit of packing to do!!!