Sunday, January 25, 2009


Originally published on Nov. 10th, 2008

Let’s hope that my neglect to my second blog is not an indication of how I will treat a second child should God choose to bless me with one!!!

As I stated in my previous post written in what now seem like 10 years ago, I took the Clomid like medicine for 5 days and then on the 13th day of my cycle I went to the ferticlity clinic.

There was a follicle on the left side, I must admit that I had hoped maybe there was more than one follicle - not necessarily for twins sake (although I would be pleased) but just so there was more than one chance. Anyhoo, I am happy there was one.

I then recieved a shot of HSG to force ovulation. Our instructions were to have relations for the next 3 nights. You know having to have sex on demand is not the romantic thing. On top of that the HSG shot made me crampy and I had a sinus infection. Oh well, you do what you must…

So, I leave you with a picture of my son, and ask for your prayers and good wishes that he gets a sibling. I take a pregnancy test 1 week from today…


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