Sunday, January 25, 2009

It Doesn't have to be flowers

Honestly, I have never been one to hold my husband to buying me Valentines flowers. However, I do like to receive some kind of valentine's gifts, even something little.

At 1-800-Flowers you can order a variety of valentines gifts to go along with your flowers or to stand alone. They have chocolates, chocolate and flower combos, cute stuffed animals, and several different gift towers with sweets. One of the neat things that I saw was a giant fortune cookie with a personalized "fortune". All of these options and more were listed for under $50!

So, whether it is flowers or just a special gift that you need to send don't forget to check out 1-800-flowers!


Tina said...

you doin paid posts on here already girl? or you doing your usual link thingy!

i like to receive a little present on valentines too. anything would do lol

Sandra Carvalho said...

Way to go girl!
Love the new look!
So refreshing!

Jordyn said...

1800Flowers offer wonderful stuff for Valentines Day special!!