Saturday, February 14, 2009

2nd Trimester

Well today I am officially in my 2nd Trimester!

Yea!!! This is of course a relief. I am also hoping that my attitude and emotional state will improve.

For the most part I am feeling pretty good. I am still have a few mouth issues as well as a little acne that I am not really accustomed to.

I had my 12 week check-up last week and the baby's heartrate was 160. I also had an ultrascan which was an ultrasound accompanied by some blood work to check for Down Syndrome. Those came back normal. If they had of come back positive for Down Syndrome I would have still had and loved my baby but I would have had a little time to prepare for it.

At the ultrascan I changed my mind on the sex of the baby. I initially thought that it was a girl but while watching my little rugrat during that ultrasound I decided that it was boy. We will find out the first of April - so you will find out as well!!!!


Angeline said...

curious, what mouth issues do you have?

I can't wait for April to come!!!!

Sue said...

Great news! The baby seems to be doing great. Hope the 2nd trimester is awesome!

Tina said...

wow time has gone so fast! cant wait till april now either!

The BoBo said...

Woo Hoo! I've been out of the circuit so long I didn't even know you were PG! Awesome and congrats!

Tina said...

oh that picture is so beautiful. such detail and everything. you must be so pleased