Saturday, April 25, 2009

Boy O Boy

Yes, it is another boy! So, sometime in the middle of August I will become the Mom of 2 boys!

I am really excited about this and Hunter is actually getting excited about it as well. He knows the babies name and even talks to him sometimes! I can't wait to see what my new little guy looks like!

Will you bring me flowers?

So far I have been a mother for a little over two years. I love it! As most of you know I will become a Mom to another little one in August. I assume that it is natural for us Moms to wonder what our little ones will be like as they get older. Will my boys bring their Mommy Mother's day flowers when they get older?

Honestly, as long as my boys love and respect me I will try not to care whether or not they send me flowers or buy me gifts. However, all you men out there, you need to do something nice for your Moms! Even if it is just remember to pick up the phone and call her.

If you want to send her a little something special check out 1-800-flowers. You don't just have to choose Mother's day flowers, you can choose from a great selections of gifts as well. This is a great source for those of you who are unable to be with their Mom on that special day. Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!