Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As I have thought about this post this morning, I am somewhat reluctant to write it.  I do not want to seem ungrateful about this wonderful blessing that I have been given.  As someone who struggled somewhat to become pregnant (both times) I know how blessed I am and I know there are others that are trying to acheive this and can't or are having a hard time.

But I feel like crap!!!!  Not the normal naseous pregnant crap.  I have some sinus issues going on and well the only thing that help me in this area is ibuprofen, which for the health of my unborn baby I can not take.  I also have an on going issue with canker sores.  They are genetic and normally come around every so often along with menstral cycle.  When I was pregnant with Hunter I did not have one.  Since I have been pregnant this time I have not been with out one!  One of the reasons I feel this is a girl.

I have a couple of other issues but because I don't want to scare you off I will keep them to myself.  I know this is coming across as whiny and I apologize.  It is just that it is wearing me out and making kind of hateful and mean.  I feel like my temper is short and well I am just not getting things done like I should.

Okay that was my vent.  Thanks for letting me do it and I feel better and now we will move on.


Lora said...

I know how you feel! With both pregnancies, I felt incredibly blessed to be pregnant and I really love being pregnant, so I didn't want to complain, but sometimes I just couldn't help myself! It doesn't matter how much you love something, there are things that just BUG you! Hmmm, sounds a little like marriage, too! LOL

mrsbear said...

You're pregnant and entitled to complain. Yeah, it's a beautiful, miraculous experience. But it wreaks havoc on your body and if you have other issues you can't treat, then it makes it that much worse. Vent away. Hope you feel better soon. ;)

Angeline said...

hey hey, its ok to vent
you should
cos' being pregnant could be a breeze for some and a horror to another....

let the (foul) air out of your chest and you'll feel better. Better for the baby too! *wink*

djtammy said...

hehehehe....It's normal to feel those kind of discomforts when u'r pregnant. Just bare with it coz it will be over soon.

Fell free to vent anytime.

take care of yourself and ur unborn baby.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Oh girl!Good for you you vent it all out!LOL!
Just kidding! ;)
I had a whole bunch of issues too during Eric's pregnancy (when I say issues I mean not the usual issues like throwing up and so)My placenta got unattached from my uterus and I thought I would have to stay in bed the entire pregnancy.Luckily, after the 3rd month it got back to normal!And I had a "down there"infection LOL!that persisted till the end of the preg no matter how many different medicines the obgyn prescribed!

Sue said...

Hope you're feeling better.