Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hmmm Free stuff already

Originally published on Sept 30, 2008

Most days Brad comes home for lunch. And if the mail lady has already delivered our mail he will bring it in. So today as I walked through the kitchen towards the stack of mail I noticed a package. Not a large package but a box of something none the less.

On my other blog It Is Nap Time, I do reviews and have received some samples from time to time and I also visit the free sample area of Wal-mart on-line from time to time so I was anxious to see what had arrived.

What I did not expect was a new mom package from Similac. Two different things of formula and a little pamphlet on how much baby should eat, pee, poop, etc. I am not sure why I received this but since the formula is good through 2011, hey no complaints here. Hunter only took formula for a few months but I can remember it seemed like I had to buy tons and it ain’t cheap!

So, maybe my mystery package of Similac is a good sign!

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