Sunday, January 25, 2009

I made the call

Originally published on August 28th

So, I made the call to the fertility clinic and found out that we are considered new patients. So, I filled out all the new patient forms, on-line and sent them. Some of those questions are a little tough. I was not sure what tests I had had before but knew they had been administered it was at their clinic - so really they should know.

So, the nice lady from the clinic called to set up an appointment. We have our consultation on September 10th, my Mom’s birthday, surely that is good luck! I told her that I would need to check about a sitter for Hunter and she said to bring him. I replied thanks but you realize that he is a 21 month old BOY and he wild - she said bring him on. I must admit I am a little excited about that. The doctor we are consulting with is the reason I have Hunter so it will be nice for them to meet!

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