Sunday, January 25, 2009

Glad that is over

Originally published on Oct. 4, 2008

Well the HSG went well. My Mom and I arrived at the office to have my blood drawn for the 2nd part of the baseline test. Dr. Whittworth did tell me the results from the first draw were good!

Mom and I then went downstairs to the outpatient surgery center and I signed in. A funny that happened, I was sitting there, filling out my paper work and the nurse came and called me. As we were walking back I told her I wanted to go ahead and take my valium and pain pill - since I was supposed to take it 45 min - 1 hour before the procedure. She looked at me really funny. She got me to my “cubicle” and I noticed all these people standing there. My first thought was I know it was not like this before. Then the nurse looked at my clipboard and started laughing, she had called “Grant” not “Brandt”. Mrs. Grant was there for knee replacement, everyone laughed. One of the nurses said, well I thought you were walking awfully well!!!

They did call me back a little later and I went in and got my “gown” on and some nice cozy socks. Then two very nice nurses came to roll be back to the OR. I told them about my misfortune last time so next thing I know she is hooking me up to monitors and putting oxygen in my nose - just for a precaution. I was fine with this.

The procedure itself was not that bad. It did take several tries and several different “tools” to get the dye to go through but the good news is that it did go through. So, “Ole Lefty” is still in good shape!!! I actually watched the dye go through on the screen!

Once she gets the results from the second blood test we will make a plan of action…

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